Geneo Facial

Geneo Facial

The Geneo Facial! 3 Technologies – 1 Innovative Skin Care Platform
Discover the science behind our advanced 3-in-1 skincare treatment.
Our Geneo™ facials combine non-invasive technology with natural ingredients to help oxygenate, exfoliate and nourish all skin types for a more radiant, fresh glow.

Geneo uses patented Oxygenation technology and a variety of natural, highly effective ingredients to treat your unique skin concerns.

With four customizable treatments available, Geneo has a skin solution for every age, skin type, and season! The Balance facial is good for acne prone skin. The Illuminate facial is good for uneven skin tone. The Revive facial is good for fine lines and wrinkles. The Hydrate facial is good for dehydrated skin.

Treat your whole body with Geneo for a year-round glow from head-to-toe!