Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Lumenis Laser Hair Removal in Surprise & Peoria, AZ

If you suffer from unwanted hair, then you can benefit from our Stellar M22TM IPL Hair Removal treatment. This non-invasive treatment leaves you with beautifully smooth skin in just a few treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), one of our Laser Hair Removal treatment options in Surprise, AZ, targets hair right at the follicles, reducing their ability to grow. This type of treatment is perfect for red, brown or black hair.

We use our IPL device on the targeted area where the light is absorbed by follicles deep into the skin surface. The follicles are heated, reducing their function and ability to grow hair. This Laser Hair Removal treatment is safe and effective without damaging the tissue around the follicle.

How the Treatment Works

The skin is first shaved to remove hair in the target areas and a cold gel is applied. You will feel warmth or slight stinging during the treatment. The gel is removed and the hair is wiped away. Any remaining hair sheds over the following week.

How Many Sessions Do I Need?

We have seen that our patients see optimal results after four to six sessions, though you will notice significant reduction in hair after just one session. For more information, call our team today at (623) 252-8977.