PRO-NOX For Pain & Anxiety Relief in Surprise and Peroria AZ

PRO-NOX For Pain & Anxiety Relief in Surprise and Peroria AZ

Reduce Pain and Anxiety During Your Treatment with PRO-NOX

It is important that you are comfortable during your treatment. Our team understands that you may have anxiety during more intense treatments, so we offer the FDA-cleared PRO-NOX Nitrous Oxide System as an additional service so that you can enjoy your treatment in comfort and free from pain.

What is PRO-NOX and How is it Used?

PRO-NOX is an inhalable mixture of 50/50 nitrous oxide and oxygen. Having been used globally for pain and anxiety relief for both medical and aesthetic practices, this safe and effective method allows you to self-administer this analgesia during your treatment and can be used in addition to other pain relieving options such as topical numbing. The effects of PRO-NOX are fast acting and quickly cleared from the body and can speed up your treatment. You use a disposable mouthpiece and control the delivery of PRO-NOX to achieve the relief suitable for your needs. PRO-NOX is not like laughing gas you may have used at the dentist, as it clears from your system within 10 minutes so you are even able to drive yourself home with no risk of any side effects.

What Can PRO-NOX be Used For?

Any type of pain or anxiety during an aesthetic treatment can be managed with PRO-NOX. You may not need this type of pain management as we use other methods too, such as numbing cream, ice and lidocaine injections. We continually check in with you during your treatment to determine comfort, and if required, we will offer PRO-NOX as an add-on.

Benefits of PRO-NOX

PRO-NOX is a non-addictive pain management tool that is proven safe and effective. It has been used for decades around the world and benefits you by reducing treatment time. You can administer PRO-NOX yourself, so that you can manage your pain and anxiety levels your way. Relief is delivered quickly, typically within seconds and is cleared from the body within 10 minutes. Easily administered through a disposable mouthpiece, you can use PRO-NOX for part of or all of your treatment without the use of numbing cream. PRO-NOX is FDA-cleared for your safety and peace of mind.

What to Expect from PRO-NOX Treatment?

By breathing in through the mouthpiece, PRO-NOX is instantly delivered to your body. You can expect to feel a euphoric, tingly sensation and experience a warmth and heaviness. Your symptoms of tension, pain, anxiety and nervousness will be dramatically reduced, and if you require more, simply breath in again to deliver the effective dose.

If you are nervous about your procedure, our team provides PRO-NOX to make your treatment more comfortable. For more information, reach out to our team today by calling us at (623) 252-8977.