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Skin Lightening Services in Surprise and Peroria AZ

Skin Lightening Services in Surprise and Peroria AZ

Skin Lightening Services with Bryght

Safe and effective for all areas of the skin, Bryght is a skin bryghtening technology that reduces pigmentation. Suitable even for the most intimate areas of the body such as the anal region, labia, underarms and nipples, the Bryght system brightens skin and reduces signs of redness and other blemishes. Common treatment areas also include the knees, inner thighs, elbows, buttocks and other areas.

What Hyperpigmentation Types can be Treated with Bryght?

There are many types of hyperpigmentation that can benefit from Bryght, including chloasma, melasma, redness, stretch marks, sunburns, age spots, scars, irritation, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation and more. Your individual treatment will depend upon your specific goals.

How Does Bryght Work?

We offer two treatment strategies for optimal skin brightening. For more effective results, we recommend our professional four step in-spa treatment that is performed up to twice weekly until you achieve your desired results. You can also maintain your results with the bryghtenup duo kit used twice daily at home.

Can Bryght be Used on People with Sensitive Skin?

Yes. Bryght products are specifically formulated for all skin types, including sensitive skin. This gentle and mild treatment option is suitable even on intimate areas. It is recommended that you perform a patch test on your skin before treatment to determine whether you have any sensitivity to the ingredients for your safety.

Are There Risks Involved in Bryght Treatment?

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, hormone chances can cause hyperpigmentation. Using Bryght during this time may yield results that may not last. We recommend using Bryght after pregnancy and breastfeeding, and do not use at the same time as kojic, hyroquinone or other harsh chemicals.

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